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MAD Dance and Musical Theater Programs

At MAD Dance and Musical Theater, we offer a warm, friendly, nurturing environment for all our dancers and their families. Many of our students intend to pursue a professional career, but just as many simply wish to gain grace, poise, and coordination. In either case, we teach our students to "love dance and music" while encouraging them to reach the highest standards in style and technique. With a world-class faculty and unrivalled connections to the professional dance world, MAD Dance is proud to offer students a vibrant and stimulating learning experience.

MAD Dance is built on a love for dance and music and the passion to inspire and enrich the lives of our students and parents. From Mommy and Me classes, to our competitive teams, the passion we have allow us to provide the best education and experience possible for our students and families. We offer Mommy and Me Classes, Pre-dance for ages 2.5 to 5 year olds, tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, musical theatre, and Broadway theatre dance.

MAD Dance

Our program delivers the finest all-around dance experience for your child by offering a wide variety of class options with abundance of additional opportunities.
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Dance Teams

Join our MAD Dance Company and experience being a part of a top notch performance team! Perform throughout all of South Florida and the US .
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Musical Theater

Students will be immersed in dance, voice, and acting classes. The course will feature seminars with industry experts and end with a MAD Performance.
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