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MAD Music Program Overview

MAD Music offers contemporary voice training for people who take their singing seriously to people who just want to sing for fun. We offer a range of courses in varying levels and styles, so that you can explore your voice and develop your singing style. Our teachers are professionally qualified and all have performance credits to their name. So whether you’ve only ever serenaded in the shower, karaoke with friends or have previous training, our vocal experts can bring out the singer in you.

MAD Music Classes
Show Choir
THE MAD CHOIR will enhance and improve the students vocal technique at all levels through musical performance. Choral singing is a communal process that gives the singer the opportunity to participate in an activity that involves them artistically, builds community, enhances their music reading and notating skills, and results in an artistic product of great beauty. They will receive vocal coaching that will teach them song interpretation and staging. Music theory, sight singing, ear training, breathe support, belt technique, stage movement, and audition tips will be the focus of their development. The students will understand the difference between their head voice and chest register. They will also learn what to do when approaching the break in their voice. This program will be an exciting way for your child to build their confidence in musical theater performance.

Students combine singing, acting and choreographed movement combined to create the necessary skill set for a Broadway style performance. This exceptional program offers exciting learning opportunities, in a fun atmosphere. Students will have the opportunity to learn about vocal technique, song interpretations and dance from professional choreographers and vocal coaches. While pursuing their musical interest, students gain self-esteem, enhance their performance experience and have the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. Hard work and camaraderie will result in artistic and personal growth. Songs are chosen adapted and arranged from a variety of sources including popular music, jazz standards and Broadway musicals. A Broadway style review or performance will occur at the end of the season and or intermittently throughout the year.
Private Vocal Instruction
If you want to learn how to sing or if you would like to begin taking private instruction to perfect your skills and techniques, our music instructors will help you to achieve your goals. Please call for more detailed information on our music classes and staff availability.