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Commonly asked questions and answers can be found below. If you have a question that is not addressed on the website, please feel free to email us or give us a call.

1. How much are children's classes?
Prices vary according to types of sessions. A current listing of class prices per semester and year is available online.
2. Is there a registration fee?
Yes, there is a yearly registration fee which is due at the beginning of each academic school year. $50
3. How old do children need to be to start your dance program?
We start children with creative dance at 3 years old.
4. How many students are in each class?
Class size is based on the type of class, students’ age, and studio size. Class capacity is determined by the School Director, Cherilyn Marrocco.
5. How often do children classes meet?
Children and teen classes meet depending on program
6. Can we observe a class before we sign up?
children are welcome to observe classes from studio
7. Can I stay with my child in class?
Parents are welcome to wait for their children in the lounge. Parents are invited to join the class on specific dates and times for parent observation. There is one parent observation scheduled each semester.
8. Do you have recitals?
Yes! The MAD Dance year ends with a captivating showcase. The showcase gives students the chance to display what they have learned throughout the year. All students are expected to participate in the recital and dress rehearsal. *There is an additional fee for the performance and costumes. The 2012 Showcase weekend will be June 16-17, 2012.
9. What type of clothes should my dancer wear?
All dancers should wear appropriate dance clothing to class. This will allow the instructors to correct student's alignment and position. Hair should be tied back.
10. What classes do you offer?
We proudly offer classes in Creative Movement, Pre Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Modern , Pointe, Jumps & Turns, and Lyrical, Contemporary Jazz, Zumba, plus an array of Acting and Music Classes!
11. What is the age range and experience necessary to participate in your program?
We offer classes for students ranging from age 2 -18 years, and offer classes in all different levels, from beginner to advanced. It is our goal to provide your child with a class in which they feel comfortable while being challenged.
12. How do I register my child for the Season of Dance?
You may register online. Registration is currently opening! There is a $50 registration fee for all students. Classes begin Sept. 2nd, 2014.
13. How do I know which level my child should be placed?
Student placement classes are by age. Student class placement for the coming year will be based on the evaluation. Placement is determined at the discretion of the evaluators and director.
14. How Much Do Classes Cost?
Class tuition varies by age and class. You can find all of our payment and studio policies on our "Tuition & Fees" page. If you still have questions after visiting the page, please call our studio office at 305-904-3255
15. What type of commitment is expected? - ATTENDANCE POLICY!
The Children’s Division, Youth and Pre-Professional Program is an exciting commitment. Classes run from September thru June. To best support your child’s training, CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED. Students may miss only if they have a valid excuse (medical issue, family emergency, etc). Students are allowed a total of four (3) absences for the entire MAD season. If more than three absences occur during the dance season, you may be asked to withdraw from the program. These absences include school testing, religious commitments, illness, and the like. Students may not miss the three (3) days leading up to the showcase. Students may not miss dress rehearsal on June 15th. If your child has a planned absence, written documentation must be emailed to the MAD director prior to the event. For their safety, your child will not be able to participate in class if they arrive more than 10 minutes late. They must observe the class and take notes. This will be strictly enforced, there are no make-up classes and you will be held responsible for payment, even if your child does not attend class. It is imperative to your child’s success in MAD Dance Inc. that it is viewed as a serious commitment.
16. How will I be kept informed of holidays, upcoming events, and other information regarding MAD Dance?
Once registered thru our online system we will be sending constant emails and newsletters of important dates! We will go over our policies, guidelines, and expectations, and answer any questions you may have regarding the program. Parents will receive a newsletter every month, via email, with important MAD information. This newsletter is also available online at all times. Please make sure you read all newsletters as they contain crucial information.
17. Is there a dress code?
Yes, each age group is defined by a different leotard color for girls and all male students are required to wear a white shirt with black pants. There is no dress code for Hip-Hop classes but we do ask that students wear sneakers and any type of clothing that allows their body to move with ease. (However no "street shoes" will be allowed in the dance studios) MAD dancewear is available at Dancing Supplies Depot, Dancewear Gallery or Online at discountdance.com. The dress code is mandatory for all students.