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Musical Theater and Acting Program Overview

Training the Broadway Stars of Tomorrow

The journey of a performer is enriched and nurtured by experience. It is through experience that we gain maturity and confidence in our work. This, taken onto the stage is a powerful force. The Musical Theater Program allow students a chance to discover their individual talents and interests while exploring the basics of singing, dancing, and acting. Musical Theater classes focus on fundamental performing arts skills, emphasizing creative expression and fun.

This program works on developing children’s abilities in singing, dancing, and acting. The instructor focuses on each skill individually and then work to put them all together in a fun, creative and expressive way. The activities in this class are geared toward improving and enhancing the student’s self-image and self confidence. Imagination and creativity are essential components in this class. Through the use of age appropriate materials the instructor(s) ultimate goal is for each student to enjoy what he/she is learning through doing and to gain an appreciation for the arts

All Rehearsal and Performance classes work on applying student’s training to a rehearsal and performance environment. It is through this class that students will explore a more professional working environment that will require discipline, personal accountability and rehearsal etiquette while developing their own rehearsal process.

Masterclass Programs: Students enrolled int the Musical Theater Programs will have wonderful opportunities to study and learn with top talents from around the world. MAD Dance will present a series of Masterclasses with the focus of introducing its students to professionals and information necessary to pursue a professional career in the arts.

Musical Theater and Acting Classes
MAD Acting Kids
This once-a-week class gives young actors who may be new to the stage an opportunity to perform in a One- Act play. Students will be given scenes within the show that they work on during class time. They will be working on Monologues, Scene Study, Improv as well as Character Development.
MAD Acting Program- Age 11-18
This Acting Program is perfect for a budding actor or actress looking to gain more confidence and learn acting techniques. Students work separately and together to develop comic skits and routines appropriate for each age level. Great for any performer interested in stand-up comedy improvisational acting, Film as well as Theater. Exposure to the most commonly-taught acting techniques helps develop more believable characters. This is also a friendly environment to prepare for auditions.
Musical Theater 1
This is suitable for those starting from the very beginning or for those with minimal previous experience. Students will be introduced to the basic art of Musical Theatre (singing, dancing and acting simultaneously). In addition, students will learn warm-ups and exercises to improve basic technique. The focus will largely be on group numbers, however, there is usually opportunity for some solos.
Musical Theater 2
This is a progression from Musical Theater 1 or suitable for more experienced performers. The material will be significantly more difficult than previous levels, and aspects such as reading music will be introduced. The course will be challenging choreographically, vocally and musically. Examples of the type of material that will be used are: Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Sondheim. Students will also be looking at scenes into songs with more emphasis on acting, rather than just dancing and singing. Leading roles will be explored as well as characterization and technique.
Musical Theater 3 and 4
Our intensive program integrates comprehensive artistic training in acting, musicianship and dance, providing you with a well-rounded education and foundation in theatre craft and history. This class prepares Broadway stars of tomorrow! At MAD, we believe a stage performer must perform. Our culture is built around Performance Immersion, and from day one, you will find unrivaled performance opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Over the course of a year, you’ll also enhance and refine your performance technique through an intensive curriculum that focuses on both foundational and advanced concepts in acting, musicianship and dance. Prerequisites for Musical Theater 4 is as follows: Ballet, Jazz, and Tap Technique Class.
Performance Troupe
This performance based ensemble will focus on putting together shows and performances over the course of a 14 week semester.
SIDE by SIDE with Broadway PROGRAM
Cherilyn Marrocco’s SIDE by SIDE with Broadway Program, an annual event at MAD Dance pairs Broadway, regional and professional dancers with aspiring young performers in the Pre-Professional Division, and they work together by rehearsing and performing a production number choreographed by a Master choreographer. SIDE by SIDE with Broadway Program is a volunteer-based Program. The Professionals donate their time and talent to work with the kids. More information will be posted soon!!!